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Louis C.K. is one of my favorite comedians because he manages to find the hilarity in our routine and both make it funny and insightful. To me, the best comedy is comedy that sticks with me and helps give perspective on things I may have never considered dissecting. I often forget how intimidating the dating process might be for a woman, and this was a hilarious but much needed reminder. Bravo to the ladies who give us a shot.”

What if State Farm and casual relationships where your side chick is trying to act like your main when she ain’t, had a baby?



 @Dormtainment Extreme Makeover “Bad Bitch Edition” 

Lol Never wanted after a “bad bitch” and never will. 

Most women are afraid to workout with even half this intensity because they think they’re going to get bulky and not keep their feminine features.

It’s really not like that at all. They’d be amazed by their results. 

Don’t go into the gym and leave looking cute. PUT IN THAT WORK!

Who You Calling A B**CH

Thanks Fousey, for letting these men know they can’t be treating women like this.

"Does this pic make me look sexy?"

My dude Yousef from FouseyTube has a few words for you ladies posting half-naked pics on Instagram. 

Value yourselves and men will learn to value you beyond your appearance.